Onet is The purpose of this game is to remove all tiles by matching two images. There should be no obstacles between the two images and the route must consists of at most three lines. What’s New v1.7.3: * Performance improvement v1.7.2: * Another attempt to fix lag on Gingerbread and below * Hint will be increased by one every level up * Fix multiple instance of Onet v1.7.1: * Faster drawing code (lag fix) * Fix bonus score Download: For Android For Apple


Beautiful Quran is a an application for reading the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside with its translation on Android Application. It comes with simple, clean, and easy-to-use user interface to enhance your reading experience. Read, browse, and track your daily reading with this one application. Currently implemented features: * Word by word translation in English * Beautifully rendered Arabic text with multiple fonts support * White, Black, and Mushaf themes * English and Indonesia translation * Automatic backup via Android’s Backup Service * Right-to-left reading, show & hide Quran translation * Browse by Sura, Page, Juz, and Hizb * Multiple bookmarks management * Copy and share aya

Onet Fruit

Onet Fruit is An addictive image matching game on Android. Play all three levels and master your consentration. What’s New Version 1.5: * Update layout * Add hint button * Add animation * Add new level Version 1.3.2: * Bug fixes * Update layout * Add pause button * Add orientation layout * Add sound effect * Add restart button Download Here


Kamus is an offline English to Bahasa Indonesia dictionary, and vice versa on Android Aplication. This program is still in active development. If you have a cool feature that you want to be implemented in the future, feel free to notify me. Features: * Offline, no need for internet connection * Translate multiple words simultaneously * Instant translation while your typing Download Here

Pair Fruit

Pair Fruit is A simple image matching game on Android with a fruity theme and exciting sound and music. Download Here

Matchem Tools

Matchem Tools is A simple and fun tools matching game on Android with attractive sound effects and animations. Play and improve your remembrance. Download Here


NetSpeed shows current download and upload speed right inside the notification bar. You can also show your network speed history in a beautiful graph (thanks to AndroidPlot). Download here

DNS Forward

(For rooted device only) DNS Forward is the first DNS altering application that allows you to create a local DNS server that forward request to a remote DNS server, listening on non standard port (including TCP). It can also be used for non forwarding mode found in other applications, thus covering their functions. Using this technique will help you bypass filtering of some ISPs that block external DNS on standard port 53 UDP.

Dinar Dirham Watch

Dinar Dirham Watch is Get current exchange rate of Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham from various sources (Indonesia only), fast and easy on Android Application. Download Here

FilesTube Search

Search and download shared online files from your Android using simple and easy user interface. This is an unofficial client for, a file search engine for various file hosting sites like:,,,,,, and many others. Features: * Search for files by keywords * Filter search result by various criteria * Download files using your preferred downloader * Free, ad-supported Download Here Note: for those having trouble downloading using builtin browser, try installing Opera Mobile and download files using it instead.