Beautiful Quran is a an application for reading the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside with its translation on Android Application. It comes with simple, clean, and easy-to-use user interface to enhance your reading experience. Read, browse, and track your daily reading with this one application.

Currently implemented features:
* Word by word translation in English
* Beautifully rendered Arabic text with multiple fonts support
* White, Black, and Mushaf themes
* English and Indonesia translation
* Automatic backup via Android’s Backup Service
* Right-to-left reading, show & hide Quran translation
* Browse by Sura, Page, Juz, and Hizb
* Multiple bookmarks management
* Copy and share aya

This work is based on previous works done by various authors. Quran Text & Translation by Tanzil Project.

English word by word translation Compiled by Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh & Ms. Kausar Khatri. Permission granted by Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh.

Download Here

What’s New
* Fix rendering issue on joining chairless hamza + fatha
* Fix force close while showing as Page, Juz, and Hizb
* Add sukun on meem and nun like the printed mushaf
* Word by word translation
* Tweaked Quran Uthmani text
* Add keep screen on option
* Fix color cache hint problem
* Add Mushaf theme
* Add Quran Uthmani text